The year 2000 Roman-American Millennium Commemoration Sword

$180 [US]

2000 years ago, at the dawn of the first Christian millennia, there was one super power - ROME, an empire whose culture dominated the world. Today, at the end of the second millennia one other nation has risen to become the only true superpower. The United States of America. It is not mere coincidence that so many Roman elements were incorporated into the new United States. Our Founding Fathers used the Roman Republic as a model for the first Republic since the fall of the Rome. Roman architecture dominates the nations capital (or capitolinus) buildings, All state capitals, financial capitals (Wall Street etc.), thousands of churches with pediment and columns. Roman law the courts, Latin words, calender, measurements and even religious and social habits. Much of it so deeply embedded that we barely notice our debt to ancient Rome. American author, Earl Kezartee Stranton speaking of Caesar said "Whatever may have been Caesar's weakness, and they were many, his greatness after some 2000 years remains unquestioned, and if, as has been said, these United States of America constitute the legitimate and logical successor of the great Roman Republic, we can then honor him as one of our own civic progenitors" .

To commemorate the worlds two greatest nations, at the dawn of the third christian millennium is an exact replica of the sword carried by the Roman legionaries exactly 2000 years ago, known as the "Mainz Gladius" . This is the finest replica of the Roman sword ever offered to the public. Usedat the time of Christ's birth and reign of Caesar Augustus, it features a hardwood guard and pommel, a hexagonal hand carved bone grip and a forged diamond section blade. It is engraved with both the Roman eagle and the coat of arms of the United states eagle with the motto "E PLURIBUS UNUM". The Roman numeral M M signifies the year 2000. The sword comes mounted on a solid wood plaque with brass trim ready for mounting your walls.

Limited quantities were made so act now to secure your Roman-American inheritence.

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